Friday, July 26, 2013

These are a few of my favorite pins!

This week I've gone crazy for color words! I've taught first grade for the last few years and most of my kids knew their color words. Now that I'm going back to K, I forgot how important it is to teach color words. Therefore, I've been doing my homework this week (I love having a job where we do homework by looking on pinterest!).  Here are a few pins I've found to practice color words:

These are some AWESOME color word activities as well as other reading and
math stations using the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Only $1! 
Brown Bear Math and Literacy Activities

Here's another fun color word activity to use with another fun book.
Who doesn't LOVE Pete the Cat?! This printable book will
help kids read their color words in a Pete-inspired theme. 

And lastly this is my own creation. Here are a few color word station activities.
This is free for a while...until I remember to change it in my TPT store  =)
Color Word Stations (goes great with Pete the Cat)

In other pinning news, my hubby and I have recently become OBSESSED with Doctor Who!!!!!!
I have to admit I have a slight Doctor crush on David Tennant. Ahhh  =) 
Anyway, I also love a good knock-knock joke, so this pin is PERFECT!
Knock Knock Dr. Who joke
And for all of the ADD darlings out there...
I have so many students like this....
This is true for my students and true for me at workshops, too!
The look you give your friend When the teacher says find a partner | MR bean

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  1. Amanda- LOVE these pins! Your color activity is so perfect. Pete the Cat is the Dr. Who of Kindergarteners! :) Thanks for this post!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together