Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't put your credit cards away yet! Another day of TPT sales is here!

This is the life! We're on Day 2 of a "snow" day. I think after last year's Snow Jam, Atlanta is being EXTRA cautious not to repeat that traffic nightmare. The result? I'm watching Friends on Netflix and spending waaaaaaay too much money at the TPT sale!

Thanks Ladybug's Teacher Files for this great button!
It's here! It's here! It's FINALLY here! My credit card and I have been waiting for this TPT sale ALL WEEK!!! Here are some of my personal faves that are super discounted today. I use these in my classroom ALL. THE. TIME!

Individually: $15
Bundled: $7.50
Sale: $6:00
TPT Discount: $5.40
Why I love it: TONS of picture cards for students to sort and match

Everyday Price: $3.00
Sale: $2.40
TPT Discount: $2.16
Why I love it: I can teach my students the activities included, and then they can apply it again and again to each new list of sight words they have. Makes this station SMOOTH sailing!
Individually: $4.50
Bundled: $3.00
Sale: $2.40
TPT Discount: $2.16
 Why I love it: I've always used Saxon Phonics and always wished for more review activities to go along with it. These packs give those extra activities and they're differentiated! The letters are introduced in the same order Saxon introduces them. 12 consonants are already included, and the others are coming soon!

Everyday Price: $2.00
Sale: $1.60
TPT Discount: $1.44
Why I love it: There are SO many different kinds of activities that it keeps my students excited throughout our entire shapes unit.

So...what did I get??

Well, I finally took the plunge and got Deedee Wills poetry pack for the entire year.
I also got several of Reagan Tunstall's phonics review packs.
And some super cute clip art from AlefClipArt!

I hope you keep finding some great deals today!
May the TPT odds be ever in your favor!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Five for Friday, 100th Day Style!

February is such a crazy-busy month! We've been talking about Valentines, black history, dental health, and presidents! Phew! We've also had the 100th day of school, so I'm gonna Five-For-Friday about that (do you like how I made that a verb??)

Happy 100th Day!!!!
We had a great time celebrating the 100th day. We started the day counting to 100 with Jack Hartmann. This is my students' FAVORITE counting gets them moving!

After lunch, I gave students their 100th Day ticket. This has several activities they can choose to do, and when they finish each one, we check it off the ticket. Click {HERE} to download the ticket I used, and then edit it to fit your own activities.
We used this AMAZING freebie to help us. It's got over 150,000 downloads on TPT, so you've probably already seen it  =)

The freebie has a great mat for making fruit loop necklaces. My kids make 10 groups of 10 fruit loops (all fruit loops in one group are the same color) and then string them on their necklace.

The freebie pack also has a writing sheet for what they would buy with $100. A jeep, a house, a diamond necklace...I need to find out where these kids shop!!
 One of my favorite activities was "What can I build with 100 cups?" The kids made some really neat cup creations!

My school is working on becoming a STEM school, so we had an engineering challenge to end the day. The kids had to build a boat out of aluminum foil, popsicle sticks, and straws that would float with 100 "penguins" (AKA paper clips).
When they finished, the kids tested their boats to see if they would float. Most of them had success!
What's your favorite 100th day activity?