Saturday, March 30, 2013

Assessment Organization

Every teacher has to find the organizational strategies that work for them. I'm going to share one that has been awesome for me this year! I hope it can help you!

The Data Notebook:
If you've been teaching longer than 2 seconds, you know it's becoming all about the data. I started using a data notebook to keep myself organized. There are 2 parts:
1. Classroom information
2. Individual student information

1. Classroom information-Sometimes we need to see where the class as a whole is. I have 5 sections where I keep data on the whole class. These 5 sections are:
-AIMSweb (our universal screener)
-phonics (we use Saxon)
-DRA (to determine reading levels)
-SuccessMaker (a computer program that determines students' grade level in math and reading)
-Classwork (This is the section I use the most. As my kiddos are working, I walk around with post-it notes and write down who has it, who is close, and who doesn't have a clue. Then I transfer it to a skills matrix so I can actually read it later.)

2. Individual student information-This is where I keep data about each child. I have a divider with each student's name, and behind that I keep that child's data (mostly AIMSweb). I also keep a parent conference sheet which I try to update periodically with strengths, weaknesses, and any other tidbits about the child (good helper, very dependable, forgets homework, not in dress code, whatever!). This is great when parents drop by, because I can easily get to their child's information and keep myself from forgetting something I need to tell the parent. I also keep all of my RTI data here so it's easy to pull out at meeting time.

I hope this helps you like it has me! Happy organizing!