Friday, July 12, 2013

More Liebster!

I'm having so much fun with these Liebster Awards! I've been introduced to a lot of new blogs, and I'm glad to see I've had some new visitors to my blog. WELCOME! I've had 2 new nominations that I'm SOOO excited about, even though I've been slow to respond to them. I'm catching up today.
The first nomination is from Emily @ Style Closet to Classroom. Her blog has so many cute ideas!
1. How long have you been teaching? I'm about to start my 8th year. That is crazy to think about because it doesn't feel like that long. That's roughly 150 kids I've taught! 

2. What technology do you use in your classroom? I use a lot of computer programs: SuccessMaker, Raz-kids, Study Island, Starfall, Megamath. I hope to start using iPads this coming year.

3. If you could go on a dream vacation where would you go? It's so hard to pick! Maybe to Hawaii to try surfing.

4. How many items do you have on TpT or TN? I think 5. I started it a couple of weeks ago and it's been a great motivation to finish some of the projects I've been working on!

5. What is one piece of clothing in your closet that you could never ever get rid of? My scarves! I love accessorizing with them!

6. If you could change one thing about teaching what would it be? I would get rid of the red tape and paperwork that bog teachers down and keep kids from getting the help they really need.

7.  Iphone or Droid? I live in a house divided. I'm a iPhone, my hubby's a Droid.

8.  If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring 3 things..what would they be? my house, my family, and Wal-Mart. What else would I need??  =)

9. Have you ever been abroad to another country? I went to the UK when I was in college. We studied their school systems, so it was a neat trip. Then I went to Guatemala one summer to teach English. I would love to go back!

10. What was your favorite children's book OR if you had to choose one favorite book our of your classroom library now--what would it be and why? When I was little, my fave was definitely Green Eggs and Ham. When I was older, I was a Babysitter's Club kind of girl.
11.  When did you decide to become a teacher and why? I didn't actually want to be a teacher until I got to college. I originally wanted to be a school psychologist or family counselor. Becoming a teacher was a total God thing...He just helped me change my mind and I've loved it ever since!

The second nomination is from Gary at Scrappy Guy. He's a fellow Georgian who I hope I get to meet this weekend at our blogger meet up!

Where would you like to be in five years? My hubby and I just moved to Atlanta to start new jobs. I hope these are THE know, the ones we stay in for a while because we love what we do. So honestly, I hope in 5 years we're still happy where we are. I do hope we buy a house in that time. I have some pinterest ideas I'd love to try out  =)

What's your favorite guilty pleasure? Probably the TV shows I watch. I could watch old 90s reruns ALL day (and thanks to Netflix, sometimes I do!)
How many years have you been blogging? I started in February of this year, so 5 months.

Which color goes best with brown? I personally love blue and brown, and pink and brown.
Do you play any musical instruments? I dabble in musical instruments. I played percussion in high school band and have played piano off and on.
What grade do you like to teach the most? I student taught in 3rd grade--loved it! Then I taught kindergarten for 5 years--loved it, too! Then I moved up to first grade for 2 years--loved it still! I really enjoy different parts of each grade, so I guess I'm happy wherever. As long as they aren't big, smelly, icky older kids, that is!  =)
If you could win a million dollars what would you buy for your classroom first? iPads for everyone! I love all of the apps available on iPads and would love a set to use for kiddos all day every day! Also, we would have a pet pony for our classroom.
Which book do you think teaches your students the most? Great question! I'm not sure, but I hope it's the pigeon books (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, etc.) because we read those a lot.
Which person is your inspiration? Would it be TOO corny to say my husband and my parents? All 3 of them are the most generous, thoughtful people I know! They desire to help others and put others before themselves. Such great role models!


  1. Loved reading more about you! :)

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  3. Great post! This is such a neat way to learn about bloggers.


  4. fun to lern more about you! Fun post!

  5. This is such a great way to get to know other bloggers. I feel like I know you already. :)
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  6. I found all the old episodes for All That on Amazon Prime yesterday. Very exciting!

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  7. Amanda,
    I can't tell you how upset I am that Jivey scheduled the meet up on the one weekend I am in Maine! Have you heard about the South Carolina meet-up? I might be able to make that one. Oh, and I totally want a classroom pony too!