Monday, March 31, 2014

It's that tricky, silent, sneaky e!

The Sneaky E crazE has hit our class this week! We've been spelling Sneaky E words with magnet letters,

using letter tiles to spell short vowel words and their sneaky e counterparts (ie, man/mane, tap/tape, not/note),

matching Sneaky E picture cards and word cards,

and spelling short vowel words and sneaky e words with these super fancy homemade letter vests (made of luxurious yarn and the best quality construction paper).

Of course we've also been looking for Sneaky E in all the books we've read.

Youtube has some great sneaky videos that my kids LOVED (because who doesn't love The Electric Company!?!). This song is so catchy...I definitely find myself humming it while I'm walking down the hallway....

This video not only talks about e changing vowels, but also changing c to /s/ and g to /j/.

In full disclosure, this one my kids' least favorite video. It's kinda slow and lulls you into a sleepy trance, but it does a good job showing how e changes the vowel sound in words.

I've been working on a Sneaky E TPT product which has been tested (and revised a bit) and kid-approved. I hope you can use it. Click below to hop on over to my TPT store  =)
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