Monday, March 2, 2015

Math Monday--ADDITION

It's ADDITION time!!!!! I don't know why, but I just LOVE this unit!!

Our students come in with a wiiiiiiiddddde range of background knowledge, so we start with a pre-test (which will also be our post-test).

Click {HERE} to see the test we use, and then use it, tweak it, or ignore it!  =)

We do A LOT of concrete activities to start our unit. Even the kids who come in knowing a lot about addition don't necessarily understand what they're doing, so I like to start with lots of manipulatives.

Our first activity is WHOOSH CLOUDS. The kids put blocks in the first small cloud, put blocks in the second small cloud, and then WHOOSH them into the big cloud at the bottom!

I just drew my whoosh clouds, but you can click {HERE} for whoosh clouds already made!
After that, I have to admit that I copied, borrowed, and stole my addition ideas from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten. Her ideas are genius, and you should TOTALLY check them out!!!! She combines literacy with her math and LOTS of concrete activities. Oh yeah, she has lots of FREEBIES, too!
Here's one of her ideas. Read If You Were a Plus Sign and then let students make a class book with their own addition stories.

Of course there is always the over achiever...   =)

So that's our addition intro. LOTS of concrete!

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