Tuesday, March 3, 2015

President's Day...FINALLY!!!

It's DONE! We have finally finished our President's Unit!!! With all of our "snow" days recently, this unit just kept draaaaaaaaagging out. But now it's done, and look how cute our Washingtons and Lincolns turned out!!

Disregard the random tree that my AWESOME room mom made.
But really...isn't is an amazing tree?

Let me back up. We started with Washington. We read a biography (which I told my kids they weren't supposed to learn about that until 1st grade, so they couldn't tell anyone that they learned it early...which means they'll tell EVERYBODY what they learned!! Sneaky, huh?).


Next we answered "W" questions about Washington on the lovely t-chart below.
     When was he born?
     Where did he live?
     What interesting things did he do while he was alive?

Then we wrote facts about Washington and made these adorable Washington crafts. The best part was that I cut out a few hats and heads on cardstock, and then my kids used those to trace and cut out their own pieces. No more having to trace and cut 23 pieces of everything to make a craft!!!!
Cutie patooties, right?!
After a few Washington days, we switched to Lincoln.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
We read a Lincoln biography. I also found the book Looking at Lincoln which was kinda hilarious and kinda sarcastic, so I really enjoyed it.

We filled in the other side of our T-chart with the same "W" questions and then made these Lincoln writing crafts that I found from Amy Lemons. Are these not the cutest little guys with their super tall hats?

Finally, we looked back at our T-chart and compared good ol' George and Abe. How are they the same? Different? The kids came up with some great comparisons! My favorite? "Lincoln was called Honest Abe and Washington was called the Father of God." Ummmmm...oops and not quite!!

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