Monday, March 30, 2015

Math Monday--Easter Math!

 It's almost here! It's getting so close I can taste it!
 Just 4 more days...
To celebrate spring and the upcoming break and Easter and the end of our addition and subtraction unit (we really believe in celebrating!), we are doing some EGG-cellent math this week!
Sorry for the pun. I know it was terrible. I blame it on needing spring break! 
SO! Back to this week. For my first activity, I have a basket filled with these little guys...some addition and some subtraction.

The kids pull out an egg and record their problem and answer on this recording sheet... 
...that I found in this super awesome freebie!
Click {HERE}for the freebie
The kids loved it!!
My second activity is the Great Egg Race partner game!
One partner rolls 2 dice, adds the numbers, and colors that number on their egg. The other partner repeats. The first player to color all of their numbers wins!
I found this activity (and a lot of other great ones) from this freebie!
Click {HERE} for the freebie
In less egg-y activities, other students race the clock to sort addition facts...
The last group works on the computer.
If you need any great computer games, try Sheppard Software. The games are SO much fun and great for lots of levels of learners. My personal faves are
Fruit Splat
Math Man
Monkey Drive
These are also great if you have an interactive board.
That's All Folks! Have a HOPPY Easter!
I know. That was another terrible pun. I REALLY need spring break!

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  1. How fun! I know I'm in desperate need of a spring break here too. How many weeks do you have after break?

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late