Friday, June 6, 2014

Five for Friday (June 6) and a FLASH FREEBIE!

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1. IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. This has been my first full week of summer and it's been WONDERFUL!  I actually started the week off semi-productively by going to a STEM workshop where I catapulted marshmallows and made earthquakes out of jello. Who doesn't love STEM?!
3. I've also been productive by updating some products in my TPT store. I even made a new product! Students fill in the missing letter on each card--beginning, middle, or ending sound. It's made to use with playdoh, but you could also use wikki stix, magnet letters, etc. This product is FREE in my store until I get back from my nephews 3rd birthday party on Saturday! Click here for my TPT store!

4. I've also also been productive by organizing a kindergarten screener for our upcoming crew of kinders. I don't know about you, but we have to do a lot of baseline tests for our kindergartners. A LOT! While I see the value in the tests, it's SO hard to do it in AUGUST when students have NO IDEA how to work independently. Ay curumba!

SOOOOOO we are trying to bring kids in over the summer to test them. I'm using Sign Up Genius to organize when parents bring their kids. If you haven't heard, this is an AWESOME website where parents can sign up for anything fom conference times to bringing items for the Valentine Day party. It's super easy to use as long as your parents have internet access. Home

5. That's a lot of being productive, don't you think?! To relax from all this productivity, my hubby and I went to see the new X-Men movie. It was so good except the last 5 minutes which left me totally confused. Other movies I want to see this summer?

Because it looks funny
Because I enjoyed the book
Because maybe now that I'm a grown-up, this movie won't scare me (but it probably will)
Because I'm a good wife

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