Wednesday, June 11, 2014

iPad APP-ortunities!! (hahaha, wasn't that cheesy!?)

I am in week 2 of summer and just finished my second workshop. Teacher dork alert, huh?! At my workshop today, I learned about some great iPad apps that I immediately came home and installed. Teacher dork alert again? Oh well. Here are some of my instant faves:

Random Name Selector
The random name selector will do just that...randomly select a student's name. Great for answering questions or picking helpers.

NFL Play 60
Do you have overly active kids? My guess is that yes, yes you do! This app lets students hold the iPad and run, jump, and turn around to make their avatar do the same on the screen. Great for getting the wiggles out (but I'd probably make sure your iPad is in a sturdy case first....).

Sight Word Ninja
Sight Word Ninja is very Fruit Ninja-y, but instead of slicing fruit, students slice the sight word that is called out. The sight words are repeated, especially if the student gets it wrong. Great for sight word practice.

Too Noisy

Too Noisy

Did anyone else have a traffic light in their school cafeteria that turned red if the students got too loud? Anyone? Because we sure did! The app takes me back to that. Too Noisy measures the volume in the classroom. You can set it to different sensitivity levels based on the kind of activity you are doing. Great for basically everything!

Hope these help! Do you have any apps that you love using??

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  1. LOVE those apps! And NO you are not a dork- I love doing school things on MY time. Because you feel like you are in control- when you are done, you can just be done. I love going into my room over the summer and coming and going when I want. Your comment on my blog about the eyeballs made me laugh because I was thinking of something I saw where someone put googly eyes on everything, and it gave them such personality! :) (The stapler, the milk carton, etc.) :) Have a great day, Amanda!