Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My First Ever Facebook Giveaway and a Sale: Word Family Bundle Style!

I hope everyone's had a GREAT week back! I'm so happy because my kids seem to remember the things they learned before break. PHEW! Maybe it's because I tell them to sleep with their hands over their ears so nothing leaks out (That's right. I'm that kind of weirdo teacher. What must the parents think!?)   =)

I stayed away from school work over the break, and it was so nice to turn off my brain for 2 weeks! This week, however, I've jumped into updating my word family packs. It took forever to comb through the nitty gritty of each pack, but I'm finally done!!! Wahoo!!

To celebrate, I'm having a sale in my TPT store on all of my word family packs!

You can also get all 5 packs for half the price in this bundle!

These packs include picture and word cards, picture sorts, puzzles, practice sheets, magnet letter activities, and differentiated write-the-room activities.

I just added an interactive journal section that I've LOVED using this year!

The kids write a word and draw a picture under each flap. On the left side of the page, they write a sentence for each word. My higher kids love this, and it really keeps them engaged.
I'm having a giveaway on my Facebook page, so check it out and you could win this word family bundle!
Off to bed now. It's supposed to be 13 degrees tonight, so this Georgia girl is going to go get under the covers. Brrrr!!!

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