Friday, January 9, 2015

Five for Friday, January 9

The hubby and I went ice skating! Check out these Michelle Kwan moves!

This week we have been measuring EVERYTHING! I totally recommend checking out the blog by Kindergarten, Kindergarten. It's basically been my lesson plan this week because her ideas are so hands-on and inspire so much critical thinking!
I've been surprised this week at what my kids get and don't get.
Does that happen to anyone else??
For example, I gave my kiddos a popsicle stick and they had to find an object that was shorter and longer than that. No problem. The next day, I gave everyone an object, and as a class, they had to put the objects in order from longest to shortest.
I didn't take any pictures, so I'm stealing borrowing this one from Kindergarten, Kindergarten's blog
Oh. My. Gosh. You would have thought I asked them to solve world hunger! I get that they are two different skills, but I'm just baffled by how they can do one but not the other? A mystery. Today we tried again. We made wiggly worms and ordered the length of those. We still have some work to do....  =)
Another borrowed picture  =)
This week we also talked about winter. We read winter books and made text-to-self connections. We also used our sequencing words to tell how to build a snowman. We made snowmen using this puffy paint (by mixing 1 part shaving cream and 1 part glue together).
I spent a lot of this week updating my word families packs, and they are finally done! They're on sale in my TPT store through Saturday.

You can also get all 5 packs for half-price in this bundle!

These packs include picture and word cards, picture sorts, puzzles, practice sheets, magnet letter activities, and differentiated write-the-room activities.

(Pardon the product promotion. I'm just so super excited that these are finally finished!)
Not school related: How cute is this totally destructive dog?! I bought some Christmas toys for her in the after Christmas sales and she obliterated poor Rudolph in mere minutes. I believe she's what the dog toy companies call a "power chewer."

Also, Jenna may or may not get excited about going on walks...
That's all, Folks!


  1. Found your blog through the Five for Friday link-up! One year I made a snowman for my students just with construction paper and they had to design a snowman that was shorter than my snowman. It was such a fun activity because they had to measure to make sure their snowman was shorter and they had so much fun creating their snowman! I had some that were so teeny tiny and then some that we so close to the same height as mine, but just a little bit shorter! Might be an idea to use with your students! Have a wonderful weekend!



  2. Hehe! We have a dog like yours in our household! Sometimes I wonder why we bother to buy toys when she just destroys them! I love that it is cold enough for you to go ice skating - I love winter! (Boohoo it is summer in Australia!)
    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  3. I have those moments where I'm amazed my kids get one concept but are totally confused by another! Sometimes it will just "pop" for them the very next day.

    Your sweet doggie looks like she was sorry for her actions!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  4. First of all, Jenna is just wayyyyy too precious! :) Love the measuring. I know what you mean- we did the ordering objects last year, and it was much trickier than I thought it would be! Ice skating looked like fun! I always wanted to be an Olympic skater...but somehow that didn't happen!

  5. Hi Amanda! I love your vowel unit. I already owned it :) And the measurement activities are terrific. Gonna do those. Great post. See you around. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom