Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oops! Missed 5 for Friday! Here's an update on my week and a SUPER, AMAZING sale!!!

I hope that everyone survived the "Polar Vortex" from this week. Down here in Atlanta, we had a couple of days without students because it was 5 degrees and too cold for the kiddos to stand at the bus stop. I know you Northerners out there might think 5 degrees is child's play, but I did not sign up for that kind of COLD when I decided to live in Atlanta! NO SIR! Oh well, the extra time with no students let me create this little guy to help teach question words:

In other news, my hubby and I went to Barnes and Nobel yesterday to spend some gift cards that Santa brought us. I was GREATLY amused at this:

I was also amused at how engrossed my dog got in watching Marley and Me yesterday:

I had to make her stop watching though 1.) because it's sooooooo sad, and 2.) I didn't want her to pick up any of Marley's...uh...less desirable habits  =)

Now it's time for the most exciting announcement from the week!!!!

Are you ready???

I just made my very first bundle in my TPT store!! Yay!!! Wahoo!!!!! Skippy dippy doo!!!!!!!

(Am I the only one who's THAT excited?? Probably so...)

This year, I've been working on word family packs for each short vowel sound. I just finished my last sound and then bundled all of the packs together. The bundle is $5 in my TPT store (saving over 30% if you bought each pack individually).

**For today only, my word family bundle will only be $1!!!**
I hope you enjoy it! Okay...time to do that lovely thing we call planning! Happy Sunday!


  1. I LOVED having the extra day off this week - I still went into school for a few hours and got so much done! That snowman is adorable!

  2. How funny that Jenna got into Marley and Me! John and Rudy could care less if a dog's on tv. It actually wad colder in Atlanta than up here, so I'm glad they didn't make kids go. That's crazy! I love your little snowman and hope your first packet does well!

  3. Your puppy watching Marley and Me is so cute! I'm loving your new book, I think I have a friend who needs that!
    Short and Sassy Teacher