Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!! Time for Currently!

Happy New Year, y'all! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful beginning of the new year. I was able to spend it with college friends that I don't see very often these days, so mine was really nice! We spent the evening playing a video game where we threw each other off a very high platform. Fun, right??
I'm linking up with Farley for January's edition of Currently. Enjoy!
Listening: Last UGA game of the season...GOOOOOOOO DAWGS! We're losing right now, but we're making a come back! UPDATE: No come back today...oh well, I'm still proud of those dawgs!
Loving: My hubby and I did a lot of traveling this South Carolina, to Maryland, to central Georgia. It was wonderful to see family and friends, but I am SOOOO glad to be home safely. I don't intend on going ANYWHERE until work on Monday morning  =)   Also, we had to send our dog to a pet-sitter while we flew to Maryland. I know she had a great time playing with the other dogs, but I missed her cute, obnoxious self!
Thinking: It's past lunch time...should the lunch fairy have arrived by now?? Oh wishful thinking...
Wanting: I'm hooked! I started reading Divergent over Christmas and it sucked me in, and now I'm working through Insurgent. Basic plot line: a city is divided into 5 groups which each value a different characteristic. At 16, the main character, Beatrice, has to pick which group she wants to be apart of. However, tension starts to rise between some of the groups. If you like The Hunger Games, you'll probably like these books.
Needing: Yep, it's that time. Time to say goodbye to the tree and lights and decorations. In my family, taking down the Christmas decorations is a New Years Day tradition. When do you take down your decorations?
Memory: This is my 2nd Christmas being married. Last year, my hubby and I spent Christmas with his family, so this year, we came to my family's house. It was really nice to share all of my family's Christmas Eve and Christmas day traditions with my hubby...the Christmas Eve church service, making cookies, opening stockings and presents (while my dad wears his special Christmas morning robe...only day of the year he wears it). I really enjoyed showing him that part of my family traditions.


  1. Taking down the decorations is always hard! I took down my classroom ones before I left for break because I knew I wouldn't want to in January, but then I felt a little Christmas-ed out by the time I got home. I will probably start my house ones this week. If I win the lottery, I am going to hire a chef (and a chauffeur!) because the lunch fairy doesn't visit me either! :)

    Teacher at Heart

  2. Hey Amanda! You are in my part of the world in the Atlanta area. I was watching/listening to the UGA game also but not for the same reason. Happy New Year!

    First Grade a la Carte

  3. War Eagle, Amanda!
    I spent a few years teaching in Newnan, GA... just a little south of your home. Those were such good years!
    My own decorations came down the morning of the 26th because I was so ready to "reclaim" my house. My dear hubby would keep them up year round if he lived alone. If you've got the space, leave them up, I say!
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Amanda, I love the Divergent series! I have read the whole trilogy and could not put any of them down. The movie is coming out in March. I can't wait to see it! Happy New Year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  5. I was so sad to see you were leaving Maryland as we were flying back to VA, but maybe next time! I'm with you on not wanting to go anywhere else for a while.
    I started taking down decorations today, but all of the boxes are in the attic and Steven hasn't gotten them down for me yet. So far we just have a tree with no ornaments...I may fuss so we can finish tonight!
    So glad you're loving Divergent! The first is the best, but the other two are pretty good. They progressively got less interesting, but I was CRAZY about the first one.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  6. You did some serious traveling! It's always nice to be home.
    Our project for Friday is to take down the decorations. Sniff, sniff . . .
    Haven't heard of Divergent. Will have to check it out!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun 

  7. How fun to share your family traditions with your hubby! I read all those Divergent books too...thinking about rereading them all actually! Enjoy!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  8. I'm reading Insurgent now too! So good!!!! Hope you had a nice vacation! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade