Monday, April 15, 2013

Bossy R Freebie!

I can't believe this school year is almost over! Only 26 more days! Some years, I would wish that time away, but not this year. I have such a great little class and I hate to see them go. After all, you never know what little darlings next year will bring....

During this end-of-the-year time, I'm reviewing our phonics skills from the year. My school uses Saxon Phonics, which I like, but the curriculum moves really quickly. It spends one day on a skill and then moves to something else. Whoosh!

I noticed my kiddos having trouble with r-controlled vowels, so we spent last week reviewing good ol' bossy R.
  • We did a "write the room" activity with pictures of bossy R words. The kids had to sort each picture into it's correct bossy R spelling.
  • We talked about the bossy R triplets--ER, IR, and UR--that all make the same sound.
  • We read bossy R books like Shark in the Park. Oh that Timothy Pope and his telescope!
  • In groups, student
  • +s brainstormed as many bossy R words as they could. They came up with some good ones!
  • We made a garden of bossy R flowers.
I was pretty proud of this last activity since I created the worksheet myself. I'm still new at this worksheet-making thing, but I'm having fun learning! My fellow teachers helped me test this activity out and they liked it, too.
Click here if you'd like the worksheet. FREEBIE!
Here are some pictures of our finished projects. Each teacher did it a little differently...


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  1. How cute! Look at you creating all this fun stuff. Have you made your TPT store yet? (BTW, I'm a little behind on actually reading blogs, if you haven't noticed).

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