Monday, October 13, 2014

Shape Spectacular: the giveaway!

We just finished our shape unit on 2D and 3D shapes. I found some new shape ideas over the summer that I was excited to try out, and they worked REALLY well (don't ya LOVE when that happens?!)! A lot of these ideas and (FREE) resources came from Kindergarten, Kindergarten's blog herehere, and here.

Here the students answered the question: Can you completely fill a circle with squares? The answer of course is no, but this led into a discussion of curved sides vs. straight sides.

Click here for the free circle sheet

Then we created shapes using other shapes. We used the pattern blocks to make triangles and hexagons. We took a gallery walk around the room (or as my kinders call it, "a snake walk") and saw all of the different ways to do this, and talked about how sometimes different answers can both be right.

Click here for the free triangle sheet

We also did a lot of sorts. A LOT of sorts.


We then moved into talking about shapes in the environment. This kind of stumped some of my kids, especially telling the difference between a square and a rectangle. To practice, I cut giant shapes out of butcher paper. Then each child got a magazine and cut out as many shapes as they could, gluing each one to the corresponding piece of butcher paper.

The Finished Product
To practice shapes in the environment, we also read the book The Shape of Things and made our own class book.

Let's not forget the power of anchor charts. Even though I'm not a cute-cutesy person and so my anchor charts are plain-jane, I love using them for the kids to refer back to. 

I didn't take many pictures of our 3D activities, but we brought in 3D shapes from home, took pictures of shapes and put them on our class instagram, had a snack sort where we sorted cheese balls, bugles, and other 3D shaped yummies, and experimented with how 3D shapes roll, slide, and stack.

We used the interactive projector to sort 2D shapes and 3D shapes...

...and then used it to play a super fun shape game called Shape Splat! The computer says a shape and the students have to click on that shape as it floats around the screen. SOOOO fun!

Finally we built 3D shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks. Who doesn't love this activity?! We started with 2D shapes.

Then we turned them into 3D shapes.

Throughout this unit, I've been trying out my new Shape Spectacular Pack! I can officially say it's been kid approved, so I hope you'll check it out at my TPT store. It's got shape sorts, positional word activities, "I have..., Who has..," cards, shape books, shape riddles, shape writing templates, and more!

Click here to visit my TPT store!
In other exciting news, I'm on Facebook now and would be honored to have your support in following me! In fact, I'm giving away my new Shape Spectacular Unit this Saturday to a Facebook fan, so I hope you'll enter for your chance to win. THANKS SO MUCH!!

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